Question 1

The standard delivery time may be affected during special periods such as Christmas, sales or one-time offers, due to the high volume of orders.

Our stock is distributed among several warehouses. If your order consists of several items, you may receive more than one package.

Question 2

There are no customs charges on shipments to States or Territories of EU Member States.
Only orders to the Canary Islands (Spain), Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Norway and the Channel Islands (United Kingdom) will be affected by customs fees that must be paid by the consumer. The customer will be responsible for paying the taxes that are applicable in these territories (IGIC for the Canary Islands), as well as the customs taxes, when they are required by the tax authorities.

For shipments outside the EU, any applicable local customs or tax costs will be charged to the customer. VAT will not be refunded on international sales.

Question 3

Our orders cannot be delivered to P.O. boxes or military bases.

We are currently unable to ship to certain countries because they don't allow us to offer the best experience due to issues with customs. We keep on working to include more destinations.